Thursday, September 8, 2016

The groom etiquette

Sometimes it happens to go to weddings and see the things "disgraceful". In this first post dedicated to the etiquette of marriage, let's start by the groom. Here's what the groom should or should not do during the most 'beautiful day of her: 1. Yes Tight, to wear always strictly buttoned (with a white buttonhole flower), a must for even the witnesses, the father of the bridegroom and of the bride; then the penalty if the bride wears a long dress and the ceremony takes place in the morning or no later than 18 hours; 2. Yes to the stiff shirt

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hair: true or false?

We grew up with some "beliefs" on the hair. This is a short post to answer some questions.In the fall and spring more hairs are lost?Yes, it is true, do not worry.What determines the color of the hair?The color of the hair depends on the presence of a substance called melanin: the more we are present is more dark, anyone owning less has the blond hair.When we begin to age it decreases the production of melanin and therefore white hair appear.

Chocolate : nutritional values ​​and properties

Chocolate is one of the favorite foods of children and adults. It has always been considered a little healthy food that makes you fat and makes you pimples. Of course we must not exaggerate, but if taken in moderate quantities, chocolate has therapeutic effects.And 'it considered the "gods" food. Let's see some properties.It helps concentration: one of the major components in chocolate is theobromine, a xanthine that stimulates the muscles of the heart, accelerating the heart rate and blood flow, thus promoting an improvement in the ability to concentrate and the waking state.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chamomile : a thousand properties

Chamomile is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Compositae family, genus Matricaria; its flowering is from May to September and it can be found a bit 'everywhere. The white petals, immediately after flowering, are facing down. Chamomile its flowers are used, which, when dried in the sun, are put to steep in hot water.

Cellulite: exercises to eliminate it

Dear friends, today I would like to share with you some exercises to combat cellulite. Let's face it, all we are a "affected" by this little imperfection. The sedentary lifestyle is certainly among the causes which favor cellulite. The correct medical term is pannicolopatia edematous-fibro-sclerotic and is an inflammatory process that produces exudation of fluid in the intercellular spaces, and if left untreated leads the atrophy of capillaries and infiltration of fat in the intercellular spaces. All this causes a subsequent increase in fat cell volume, water retention and fluid stasis in the intercellular spaces.

Means, brittle nails

A few days ago a friend of the blog asked me what to do to brittle nails. I think we all had the experience of the classic "broken nail" at the wrong time. Maybe it breaks a few days before a special occasion, dinner or important marriage. In this post we try to understand what are the causes of brittle nails and in the next post we try to "salvage".
As the nails are made?The nails are made of protein, keratin and sulfur

Nail abnormalities

Your nails say a lot about the health; often nail abnormalities depend only a trivial disorder as a fungus, but if the 'anomaly persists, you have to go to the doctor because it could reveal a more serious illness. In these cases the do-it-yourself is to avoid serving a check at a specialist, confirms Marcello Monti, director of 'Unit of Dermatology' Humanitas Clinical Institute and professor at 'University of Milan. In Europe, the leading expert on nail related to health anomalies is French dermatologist Robert Baran.L 'nail is made of keratin, a fibrous protein; usually the 'nail looks like a white-pinkish semitransparent lamina where we can distinguish a free edge, a central portion, two side edges inserted in a folding and a white root (lunula).The root of 'toenail is a layer of cells (matrix) that reproduce by ensuring the construction of' fingernail. The growth speed of the

The foundation

In business the foundation can be found in fluid consistency, creamy, compact. And 'an emulsion that makes the skin smoother, covering redness and discoloration, and it is essential sper the trick estate.

Smooth, creamy or compact?
You must choose your foundation according to your skin type. If you have normal or oily skin will choose a liquid foundation, cream ones are best suited for dry skin because they are enriched with active moisturizing and smoothing, while compact ones are suitable for all skin types.

As coating effect?
In principle plus the foundation and 'dense, more and' its coating effect. So if you search for a natural makeup, better to choose a fluid foundation.

Dictionary and nail methods

Very often, about the nails, we hear of different methods. Here we go for short.

Acrylic method
Questaè a universal technique, excellent for all kinds of nails, especially recommended for those who suffer from nail biting problems. And 'the technically more complicated method, but allows you to get a perfect result even on very compromised nails or missing.

What is the food pyramid ?

I decided to make a change to my blog. I want to change, and I decided to reproduce all of the articles in English. Then I write in this language.

 The food pyramid represents the traditional diet and guides us towards healthy eating and equiibrata. The pyramid consists of six sections containing various food groups. Each group must be present in our diet in proportion to the greatness of his sezione.Alla base of the Pyramid are foods that we can use more freely while at the top there are those who are best to limit.


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