What is the food pyramid ?

I decided to make a change to my blog. I want to change, and I decided to reproduce all of the articles in English. Then I write in this language.

 The food pyramid represents the traditional diet and guides us towards healthy eating and equiibrata. The pyramid consists of six sections containing various food groups. Each group must be present in our diet in proportion to the greatness of his sezione.Alla base of the Pyramid are foods that we can use more freely while at the top there are those who are best to limit.
As you can see from the Mediterranean pyramid foods to consume they are:

• every day: grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, olive oil, cheese and dairy products.

• a few times a week: fish, poultry, eggs, pastries.

• a few times per month or a little 'more often, but in small doses: red meat (beef, sheep, swine, and equidae, fresh or preserved) .It is very important to carry out physical activity every day and eat a bit' of wine but in moderation.

It is important to remember that no food, taken individually, is able to meet all the needs of our body.


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