Means, brittle nails

A few days ago a friend of the blog asked me what to do to brittle nails. I think we all had the experience of the classic "broken nail" at the wrong time. Maybe it breaks a few days before a special occasion, dinner or important marriage. In this post we try to understand what are the causes of brittle nails and in the next post we try to "salvage".
As the nails are made?The nails are made of protein, keratin and sulfur

Because the nails are brittle?The causes are varied: environmental factors that favor dehydration and flaking (frequent hand washing), the 'continued use of solvents, lack of certain vitamins and minerals that determine the weakening.Deficiency of vitamin A and calcium causes lack of elasticity and brittleness of nails. Deficiency of vitamin B causes fragility with vertical and horizontal stripes. A low intake of vitamin B12 due to dry nails, very rounded, scurimenti, and ends that curve. The lack of protein causes white stripes. Iron deficiency causes vertical lines and nails "spoon".
What are the remedies?If we have the "habit" of eating their nails, nail biting, try to eliminate this habit which creates a nail damage embrittlement. Surely it is recommended the use of a "protective" glaze that contains nourishing and moisturizing substances or special supplements that strengthen the 'fingernail. Obviously before taking anything, you have to consult your medico.Possiamo also implement a "grandmother's remedy": take a basin of water, then add the salt, you have to melt it until you get to saturation, ie until when what you put in the water is no longer able to melt just because the solution is saturated. Put your fingers to soak for 10 minutes, then rinse. You have to do this every two days to two weeks and then continue once a week.


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