Chamomile : a thousand properties

Chamomile is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Compositae family, genus Matricaria; its flowering is from May to September and it can be found a bit 'everywhere. The white petals, immediately after flowering, are facing down. Chamomile its flowers are used, which, when dried in the sun, are put to steep in hot water.

Chamomile was known to the Egyptians who considered an herb by the anti-inflammatory properties.
Science has identified some very important active ingredients, essential oils as the two leaders of the 'sedative: chamazulene and alpha - bisabolol.
Chamomile is ideal to combat digestive stress, headaches, menstrual pain, the 'anxiety and the nervousness, has sedative properties so it is also recommended in cases of insomnia.
The best way to take it is the herbal tea that causes the excess intestinal gas expulsion.
You can also take the form of essence: a few drops mixed with sweet almond oil smeared on 'abdomen calm the tension and the pain in his belly.

Chamomile is also used for hair care and is an excellent remedy to lighten blond hair by the time they tend to become darker. To do that you have to prepare a flower infusion, let it cool, filter it and use it regularly after shampooing.


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