Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hair: true or false?

We grew up with some "beliefs" on the hair. This is a short post to answer some questions.In the fall and spring more hairs are lost?Yes, it is true, do not worry.What determines the color of the hair?The color of the hair depends on the presence of a substance called melanin: the more we are present is more dark, anyone owning less has the blond hair.When we begin to age it decreases the production of melanin and therefore white hair appear.

Women have more hair than men?According to some statistics yes, women do have more.Because I have curly hair and another has it straight?The type and structure of the hair varies genetically.How much hair we?On average each of us has between 80,000 and 120,000 and grow to about 12 mm per month. Every day we lose 23/30 but these are soon replaced.What is sebum?The sebum has the function to lubricate the hair.You have to brush your hair a lot?No, the more they brush and you are likely to weaken them, break them and make them opaque.


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