Thursday, September 8, 2016

The groom etiquette

Sometimes it happens to go to weddings and see the things "disgraceful". In this first post dedicated to the etiquette of marriage, let's start by the groom. Here's what the groom should or should not do during the most 'beautiful day of her: 1. Yes Tight, to wear always strictly buttoned (with a white buttonhole flower), a must for even the witnesses, the father of the bridegroom and of the bride; then the penalty if the bride wears a long dress and the ceremony takes place in the morning or no later than 18 hours; 2. Yes to the stiff shirt
collar and folded if the shirt is plastron; 3. Yes to the dress of wool, regardless of the season (in the summer, it is recommended, of course, the cool-wool) 4. Yes to tie clip pin with pearl for the plastron; 5. Yes the flagship of Tight, preferably, a carnation from the pastel color or, perhaps, a gardenia; 6. Yes to the medium-tight if the ceremony has a more sober tone and less glitzy or, rather, three-piece dress, for a youthful and bubbly wedding! 7. Yes to the silk tie; 8. Yes to the wristwatch, as long as "hidden" from the cuff of his shirt. 9. No - the smoking, which is still a dress to wear in the evening; 10. No - to gloves and hat (Tight) worn during the ceremony: these need to be removed in fattening church and handheld; 11. No - glove boxes and cylinder if you choose the half tight; 12. No - the trouser flap for tight; 13. No - the choice of tight if the ceremony takes place after the 18: in this case, better to opt for the frac; 14. No - double-breasted dress, not suitable type of ceremony; 15. No - the worn coat (even if it is winter and very cold !!), during the celebration of the rite; 16. No - to both white short socks! 17. No - the clutch in the same fabric of the tie: it is better to choose it in fabric and neutral color, maybe, in white linen; 18. No - any type of jewelry; only exceptions are granted the family ring (for offspring of marriages of the most prominent families!), the pin tie tack, doubles twins to double-cuff shirt, and as mentioned, the wristwatch; 19. No - the clock with chain to hang the gown waistcoat; 20. No - the outdated and dubious taste, "cutting of the tie" as well as, any other kind of excess during the wedding ceremony


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