Chocolate : nutritional values ​​and properties

Chocolate is one of the favorite foods of children and adults. It has always been considered a little healthy food that makes you fat and makes you pimples. Of course we must not exaggerate, but if taken in moderate quantities, chocolate has therapeutic effects.And 'it considered the "gods" food. Let's see some properties.It helps concentration: one of the major components in chocolate is theobromine, a xanthine that stimulates the muscles of the heart, accelerating the heart rate and blood flow, thus promoting an improvement in the ability to concentrate and the waking state.

Lowers the pressure: the dark chocolate would have the ability to reduce the blood pressure, especially systolic, thanks to the polyphenols it contains.

Improves mood: the phenyl-ethyl amine in chocolate increases the synthesis and release of endorphins in the brain. Chocolate has an antidepressant effect.

Fights swelling: theobromine active kidney function and stimulate diuresisIt reduces cholesterol: fat content in chocolate are represented by the acid oleic and this substance is counteracts the activity of the bad cholesterol, increases the good cholesterol, HDL.

After analyzing the benefits of chocolate, Let's review nutritional values(Source: fondenteproteine ​​3.2 gfat 33.5 gcarbohydrates 60.3 gpure lecithin 0.3 gtheobromine 0.6 gCalcium 20 mgMagnesium 80 mgPhosphorus 130 mgIron 2 mgCopper 0.7 mg40 IU vitamin A0.06 mg vitamin B1Vitamin B2 0.06 mgVitamin C 1.14 mgVitamin D 50 IUVitamin E 2.4 mgenergykilojoules (kJ) 2080kilocalories (kcal) 495
Milk chocolate
protein 7.6 gfat 32.3 g57 g carbohydratespure lecithin 0.3 gtheobromine 0.2 gCalcium 220 mgMagnesium 50 mgPhosphorus 210 mgiron 0.8 mgCopper 0.4 mgVitamin A 300 IUVitamin B1 0.1 mgVitamin B2 0.3 mgVitamin C 3 mgVitamin D 70 IUVitamin E 1.2 mgenergykilojoules (kJ) 2160kilocalories (kcal) 515
White chocolateprotein 7.5 glipids 37 g52 g carbohydratespure lecithin 0.3 gtheobromine -Calcium 250 mgMagnesium 30 mgphosphorus 200 mgiron tracescopper tracesVitamin A 220 IUVitamin B1 0.1 mgVitamin B2 0.4 mgVitamin C 3 mgVitamin D 15 IUVitamin E Tracksenergykilojoules (kJ) 2260kilocalories (kcal) 540


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