Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dictionary and nail methods

Very often, about the nails, we hear of different methods. Here we go for short.

Acrylic method
Questaè a universal technique, excellent for all kinds of nails, especially recommended for those who suffer from nail biting problems. And 'the technically more complicated method, but allows you to get a perfect result even on very compromised nails or missing.

silk method
And 'the most durable method of reconstruction, indicated in the correction of broken nails and flaking and in the extension of the natural nail. The result is very natural and durable.

UV Gel Method
And 'the method of reconstruction more' fast, self-polishing, very transparent, you get a perfect curvature of the nail. The material used only hardens when exposed to UV light-curing special lamp Delta.

method Tip
Quick rebuild, odorless and easy to apply with tip

Self-modeling methods
It is new products and light-curing self-leveling, very quick and easy to apply, to obtain elastic and transparent nails.

brief dictionary
Acrylic - and 'a reconstruction method that uses a substance in powder form more' a liquid (catalyst) to obtain a substance which solidifies in a few seconds.
Buffer - And 'a foam pad with 4/7 of roughness sides' different. It is used for grinding and polishing the nails.
Map - are adhesive molds that fit the nail shape and act as a support for the stretching / nail.
Catalyst - it is said of a complementary substance, generally liquid, which has the chemical function of melt or harden a substance.
Cleaner - cleaning product
Cutter - steel instrument (type cutters), with a special blade tip and strong, suitable for cutting nails or tips.
Photocuring - is a compound or product that, when exposed to UV rays solidifies.
Molds - are specialty media for the reconstruction of the nails, to be placed on the fingertip.
Glitter - matt or bright colored powders ideal for nail decorations on gel or acrylic.
Grit - means grit or sand; the terminology accompanied by numbers 100 to 240 is used for files and indicates the degree of abrasiveness'.
Monomer - simple molecule capable of joining to other similar to form a polymer.
Polymerization - process by which simple molecules come together to form new much more 'large molecular complexes.
Primer - product preparer natural nail, balancing the pH. Disinfects the nail bed and ensures maximum grip of reconstruction products.
Sealant - product curing, clear lacquer or pinkish, which helps the strength and durability of the reconstruction.
Sunblocker - the styling product that is applied on artificial nails to protect them from reactions caused by sunlight.
Tips - are holders of ABS to glue on natural nails for the extension and reconstruction. Suitable for short and regular nails.
Top-Coat - clear lacquer or top coat. It gives a highly polished appearance, which should also apply on natural nails or as a fixer of colored enamel.


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