Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Nail abnormalities

Your nails say a lot about the health; often nail abnormalities depend only a trivial disorder as a fungus, but if the 'anomaly persists, you have to go to the doctor because it could reveal a more serious illness. In these cases the do-it-yourself is to avoid serving a check at a specialist, confirms Marcello Monti, director of 'Unit of Dermatology' Humanitas Clinical Institute and professor at 'University of Milan. In Europe, the leading expert on nail related to health anomalies is French dermatologist Robert Baran.L 'nail is made of keratin, a fibrous protein; usually the 'nail looks like a white-pinkish semitransparent lamina where we can distinguish a free edge, a central portion, two side edges inserted in a folding and a white root (lunula).The root of 'toenail is a layer of cells (matrix) that reproduce by ensuring the construction of' fingernail. The growth speed of the
blade is 1-3 mm per month, and about every four months the 'nail is renewed completely.Here is an indicative table to discover the anomalies of the nails and physical health:Nails with white spots: are not due to a lack of calcium as is often believed, but d 'air bubbles caused by the trauma of' nail matrix, which is the tissue that produces the foil. The white spots on the nails are common in those who do manual work or teases cuticles, but do not indicate any disease in your overall health, so be well assured.white and brown nails: in this case the 'nail is probably infected by a fungus (onychomycosis). If your nails are pale instead there may be a 'anemia. transverse white stripes are often caused only by manicures too aggressive.pink and white nails: if the nails are white with a pink stripe on the end may be suspected liver cirrhosis. There is talk of white nails Terry, the name of the researcher who understood the link between the color of the nails and this liver disease.BLU-purple nails: if the 'anomaly concerns all the nails is a serious problem of respiratory or cardiac failure. In fact, when the blood does not circulate well, get enough oxygen to the extremities and in particular nails becomes bluish.Yellow-brownish nails: they may be caused by a fungus that takes in 'moisture of showers and pools; care by milling the blade of 'nail and applying sulfur-based creams.Nail STRIPS WITH BROWN: are usually only bleeding from trauma, but if they persist may be a mole. The in of the nails should be checked because the risk of the nail melanoma is higher than in other parts of the body.Yellowed nails: typically are only colored by something, such as cigarette nicotine. The disease called syndrome of yellow nails is very rare, if they are also yellowed toenails can be a respiratory disease.Prick nails: small depressions on the nail surface are typical of psoriasis, a skin disease that manifests as patches and scales, and that in 10% of cases involving the nails. Often there are also yellowish spots.brittle nails are common in those who often bathes his hands in hot water and detergent, and in this case the subject is healthy; in other cases, brittle nails can denounce the lack of amino acids, minerals (iron, zinc, copper, selenium) or vitamins (B6, A, C, E and biotin) to integrate with a 'more healthy diet or with the' help of food supplements.Nails THIN OR eroded: may depend on Lichen Planus, a skin disease that occurs often in those affected by hepatitis C. In this case you have to start a cure for both nails both the liver.Nails that stand out: it is often only a reaction to 'use of irritating products without adequate protection (eg no gloves); But if you detach more sheets, you can suspect pneumonia, a 'drug intoxication, or a thyroid disorder.A SPOON nails if your nails are dug in the center in the shape of spoon this can only depend on simple shots taken in the fingers; if the cause is not this, you can instead think of an iron deficiency, then to a 'serious anemia. But the same effect can also give thyroid problems.Nails WITH LINES CROSS: if they concern a 'single nail are traumatic; if they relate to all the nails are due to diabetes, circulatory problems, fever or drugs like those used in chemotherapy.Nails WITH LINES LONGITUDINAL: generally only say that of 'nail matrix is ​​aging; but if you are deep cracks, it should go to a dermatologist because of reported damage to 'nail matrix, then one of' nail disease.Nail CLAW: l 'nail thickens, becomes yellow and bends claw, usually this anomaly of' nail affects the 'big toe and is typical of people who have bone deviations of the toes. L 'only cure is to remove the' nail and its matrix.Nails A SLIDE D 'CLOCK: are convex, they tend to hold the tip of the finger pads; this anomaly of 'nail is linked to respiratory disease, liver and' intestines and is common in heavy smokers and alcoholics


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