The foundation

In business the foundation can be found in fluid consistency, creamy, compact. And 'an emulsion that makes the skin smoother, covering redness and discoloration, and it is essential sper the trick estate.

Smooth, creamy or compact?
You must choose your foundation according to your skin type. If you have normal or oily skin will choose a liquid foundation, cream ones are best suited for dry skin because they are enriched with active moisturizing and smoothing, while compact ones are suitable for all skin types.

As coating effect?
In principle plus the foundation and 'dense, more and' its coating effect. So if you search for a natural makeup, better to choose a fluid foundation.

How to choose the color?
The color of the foundation should be chosen based on their skin color, the colors match or a lighter shade, to avoid unobtrusively with neck, ears and neckline.

How to apply it?

First, on perfectly clean face, apply moisturizing cream.
Pour a small amount on the back of your hand to warm it up, if it is liquid, or use a sponge or brush for foundation if compact. With sponge or with fingertips blend the product on the face with movements from the center outwards.
Blot with a tissue excess of the foundation and secure with a thin layer of transparent powder.


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